The origin of Molada Guesthouse:

The Molada guesthouse is part of the Beit Rutenberg Institute for youth education. In its origin the guesthouse belonged to Pinja Rutenberg, who has been the leader of the birthing centre ״Molada״ which equals the english term “Birth”. With time there have been bigger hospitals in Haifa so there wasn’t anymore the need of a birthing house. Years later the institute decided to renovate the house and offer sleeping places to guests from all around the world.

Nowadays the guesthouse has 16 rooms for guests with place for up three people per room. Every room has air-conditioner, that whether heats the rooms during winter or makes them comfortably cold during hot summers. Also  the rooms have their own bathrooms with shower and enough space to put all your belongings in the room during your stay.

The kitchenette and the living room are common rooms. People can  have nice evenings together with other guests, playing cards, watching movies or sharing meals.

Please note: Water, coffee and tea are always available for free!

When groups come, they can use the living room also for seminars – whiteboard, computer and DVD-player are setup in the room and ready to use.

If you stay longer in the guesthouse,  we offer laundry machine service, which costs 50 Nis per washing. Alternatively you can also get the contact to some laundry service that takes your clothes and brings them back to the guesthouse. Prices are available on request.

If you don’t want to sit inside the house, there is also a cozy garden with benches outside for you to enjoy warm days. Also outside the house you can find parking spots for up to three cars.

Is there something else to know about the guesthouse?

Normally guest houses are led by full time jobbers. The Molada get house belongs to the non-profit organization of Beit Rutenberg that gives volunteers the chance to work at their place and live in the guest house for free. Next to their regular jobs they help to take care of the guesthouse, which includes helping you with all your questions or requests.

We hope to see you soon in our house!

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